Rules For Survival

In your role as a battered wife, 

home life will be difficult but never blah. 

Although, I admit it was all about the excitement.

And after a few physical hits and verbal jousts, you may adapt. 

But, denial is vital in the beginning.

There is usually a honeymoon period between beatings.

Look forward to those.  

He’s sorry.

You are optimistic you can fix it.

But before you can say sex slave, it’s back to business as usual.

Survival on a day-to-day basis

is all about being flexible, staying three steps ahead by cloning yourself (Watch YouTube for tips)

and never, never engaging the narcissistic psychopath 

when he is abusing drugs or alcohol.

Give yourself plenty of time to plan an escape route, just in case you wake up sooner than later.

I majored in coping skills.

I minored in the battles option.

I’d read a romance novel when he pulled an all-nighter 

screaming at me for losing his wallet at the Pool Hall while I was home cleaning the house. 

Clearly my fault.

I entered 10K’s when he left nasty notes 

stabbed with a butter knife to the counter.

Training with elite athletes is certainly not a waste of time. 

And most important, be sure to utilize your bookkeeping skills and not press charges when he blackens your eye in a foreign country. It can become cost-prohibitive when they throw you both off the ship.

So step up your game and bulk up

instead of divorcing that precious man. 

You skinny bitch.

Chances are pretty good, he will trust you as far as he can throw you, and you won’t be chained 

to the pole at the foot of the bed.

Trust me, it looks better on your tax return.

And the kids, yours, and the ones from the first marriage won’t get cut out of the will.  

His bastards will still be on the fringe.


©C. S. De Dona. 1-29-22

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