Someday Love

She used to love a pretty boy

Rock hard abs, polished ploy

Their jet-set life, baubles, bling

She used to love pretty things.

But zealous smite can leave you cold,

Nasty slights, scar your bold

His jealous choke, her countless tears 

Can’t erase the thankless years.

When she’d clung to rosy dreams

Fussed to fill his boorish schemes 

Bore the cost, her head held high

Underneath the cutting sky.

To that day, she woke up grim

Knew that she was through with him

Left his wrath and left his whim

Never going back again.

Her curbed life in trophy chains. 

Stirs her still, steers this refrain 

She’s braved the cold, faced her pain 

Wiser now, secure again.

Looking for a kinder love

A friend to never tire of

Arms to hold her when she’s mad

A deeper love she’s never had.

So, listen, girls, best think twice. 

Pretty boys’ bedroom eyes

Will crush your soul, make up lies 

Their cheating ways will make you sigh.

Looking for a kinder love

A friend to never tire of.

Arms to hold her mad, glad, sad

A kind of love she’ll someday day have.

4-8-22 C. S De Dona  

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