A Show To Watch If You Get Tired Of Watching The News

Right now, I’m watching “Goliath.”
Goliath is on Amazon Prime.
I have one of those remotes you talk into.
Mom and I have coated that baby.
So, I press the voice button and say, “Goliath on Prime” and voila
It starts the show, never where you left off
But that’s another story.

Billy Bob Thornton plays the lawyer
That takes down the goliath.
Billy Bob’s character is a smoker and a drinker
So, it becomes almost biblical in scale.
Our hero has the brains and the talent
But he’s clearly operating at a third
Of his capacity, there’s bodies and gore everywhere.
He is nothing like us, but I am a visual person, so I try to relate to the challenge.

I imagine myself as a biblical character and a hero
A bit of stretch, but stay with me.
Confined now inside my home
Trying to fight an unseen monster
have faith in an invisible god
not knowing really
what tomorrow will bring.

Because let’s face it, I am not among them.
I am of the sheep persuasion
The Shephard, I’ll follow.
If I could find one.
I’m frantic to find a worthy David, to bleat we are lost.
Help us, we are the innocent.
Not walking viruses waiting to land.
Goliath is calling the shots.
And there are no winners here
Only the lucky and the damned.

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