Riding The Virtual COVID-19 Bullet Train

Northeast into New York

contemplating our mutual mortality. 


while my lips are

pressed into

your chest


from the weight of it all.



as she rouses Spring

leaving yesterday’s grim death toll

censored for one more night.

Panting for one more evening

of sweet sweat

shivering ecstasy

as we bullet

beyond tomorrow.

Beyond this Pandemic and its many masks

as it tries to conceal

its fragile nature

elude our understanding

of the cure

but it can’t hide forever

from our intrepid study

or the enduring parade of Doctors and Nurses

that zip past the triage glass.

Or slip past our old normal

as it dissipates

into distant dissonance.

The train 

still rumbling beneath us

as the Pullman races past

verdant green and 

slows for the next challenge.

Our victorious optimism signaling

more than mere moments of redemption

eliminating black moods

easing old worry

lifting the veil

on this

our brave new world. 


© Cornelia DeDona 4/7/20/20

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