Dark Roots and Myths

Her name would’ve been

Dark Roots
Of the Germanic tribe Makow.

The Makow family was prominent in their district.

Feared too
Because of her many personalities
Like a certain pandemic
shall not be named.

Her name Not spoken out loud by the elders
Because of the spit, it propelled
During enunciation.

And because
She’d had rotten teeth as a teenager

Which her man had to pay to get fixed.

The white men called him a Dentist.
Dark Roots’ man called him crook
not only because
Of his yacht, or his BMW.
No, he’d seen the wily
Look in the white man’s eye.
That man had lightened
Yellow Teeth’s wallet too.

It was not to say that Dark Roots
Had no redeeming qualities
She was as pretty as a firework
On Independence Day
And she could cook and keep a nice tepee too.

It was also a fact that Dark Roots
Could sing and dance like the Madonna
And not in a reverent way.
But we will not wake that dog up.

No indeed, Dark Roots
Like her tribal sisters had skills in the arts.

One they called Angel, who was also a saintly sinner and could cook like Paula Deen.

The other they called Playboy Material, was an artist that could draw and paint any
pet or animal.

Dark Roots could capture with her camera
the wings of a butterfly
A cascading stream spilling over a mountain ledge
A couple of bears on a summer’s morn
Sunrise on the mountain
And Gulf Sunsets in Florida.

She could also put a sentence together.

Yes, Dark Roots was passionate.
She would always be remembered by a few
for her talent

her choice in men

(Her man they called Tasmanian Devil,
who promoted the many personality myths.)

and her bleached blond hair.

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