City of Palms

Fort Myers is known
as the city of Palms
apropos today, since it is Palm Sunday.

So, on my morning walk
I took many Palm tree photos
And a few more bird photos
As the Anhinga aka snakebird
Was still perched in the same tree
And this morning instead of his wings spread
He is facing me. Too pretty to be a female, I muse.
He stares until I get too close
And then stretches out its neck and beak
Into what to me looked like a ballet pose
Meant to be menacing
He amused the photog in me.

As I pulled out my camera
To snap his picture
I am thankful. To be healthy and living here just north of the city of Palms, on a golf course, and still relatively young.

I think I am no savior, but HE is on my mind.

I, unlike HIM, didn’t walk or ride on the back of a donkey. Mom and I drove south from New York inside my virtual donkey.
Eager, happy, celebrating Christmas in a great new town.

I was going to start fresh. Make new friends. Do what I want for a change. Golf, swim, take it easy.
Palm fronds waving in the breeze, nodding their approval, warm temperatures, no snow.

Although the newcomer’s party was short-lived, what with the pandemic
cancelations, and closures
I did travel to Key West in February. My best friends are here. I am okay with staying home.
No one wants me thrown out of town or dead.
I don’t have mockery or scourging or even crucifixion in my immediate future.
Yes, I may get sick and die, and then again, I may not.
I am no lamb. I have had choices, had an exciting life so far. Parts of it, not so much.
But who am I to complain.

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