A CATastrophe Averted

A CATastrophe Averted

Katya pulled out all the strings
she had access to the lost ways
and so was not at all worried
when the Prince kept upsetting the apple cart.

She would have to go back one hundred fifty years
to her ancestors. The time machine was on standby.

She’d made a list.
Once she returned,
she would get the medicine and the books
with the pictures of the wild plants
and then she would bring them back
and share them with her people.

They would have to invest in livestock
return to the farm, keep their guns.
The Prince’s world would eventually collapse
the money would become scarce
some would starve
others would get sick and die
the rest would have to rebuild
but first, they must survive.
Katya would see to it.


©Cornelia Connie DeDona 4-4-18

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