Finding The Remarkable Quotient

Finding The Remarkable Quotient

Katya had summoned him.
The task at hand required help from above.

The Bald Wonder gazed down

from his nest, at the machine.
It hummed and glowed with a strange unearthly light.
The neon trail between here and there faded quickly.

Katya looked like she had just dug a moat with a spoon.
Her claws caked with dirt, her whiskers bent
like an ancient Chinese woman on a Himalayan peak in Spring.
She was not dancing or singing.
A faint moan escaped her leathery lips
before she prostrated herself like a nun at the base of the hill
outside the castle.

The Bald Wonder hearing her caterwauling
amid the moans and prayers
spread his wings
giving her shelter
and called a meeting of the highest on high.
The current state of affairs was dangerous indeed.

had laid the groundwork.

Now it was up to them.

Would they rise up
risking all

or bow to the tyranny of a despot?

©Cornelia Connie DeDona 4-5-18


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