The Nest Was Finished

The Nest Was Finished

The Bald Wonder invited his Mrs. to inspect
as was the correct protocol.
She to proceed with the miracle part
of the arrangement.
And so it was done
for eons in that realm.

Inside the castle
other marvels lurked
indeed, eyebrows had raised
and trousers were about to be lowered.

Katya had returned after the Passover.

She arrived with an expert entourage
and plumbing supplies.
Pipes, bowels
assorted accouterments
nothing to smoke
but plenty to pontificate on.

The newly renovated throne gleamed
with rubies, emeralds, and diamonds.
At the base 22 carat gold
and clean enough to drink out of
but honestly, there were other bowls for that.

No, this bowel was for the royal moon.
Katya had elegantly let him have the first sit.
And behold, the spectacle of spectacles…no draft!!!!

What was this witchery???
Verily I say unto you, the curse had been lifted
and the stenches as well.

Now that the air was clear
the Prince’s advisors were able to speak freely.
And speak, they did. About, all sorts of issues.
Walls, wars, free trade, immigration, and hemp.
The castle halls
buzzed that the Prince was no longer
trapped in the stinking thinking
brain drain domain
or even insane as many had thought.
His newly fashioned orange mane gleamed in the sunlight
falling into gentle curls on his broad shoulders,
Finally, Katya, buxom brunette completing her mission,
took her rightful place on the royal throne,
overseeing the day-to-day with managerial
aptitude the due process,
as we all must in the end.

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