Only A Fool

would’ve let her go.
What were they thinking?

would not return
until after the holiday.

Easter, Schmeaster
all the chocolate,
colored eggs, and
made their waste crawl
rather sluggishly.

The Prince was sitting on the throne
in the aforementioned drafty turret
for the duration.
The Royals had eaten far too much candy
and were now paying for it.

Out it oozed
like peanut butter fudge.

there it sat in a chocolate sludge
and there it would ferment.

You see, they hadn’t updated the Castle
with the flush thingy yet.
Or plumbing either.
Of course, he could release the trap door
and hurl the sludge onto some poor passersby in their Sunday finest.

Katya had promised the solution
and she was in Budapest!!!

All this, because of his vanity.

He was in deep
and it wasn’t Kim Chi.

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