Last Day On Earth

Inspired by Maggie Estep’s poem, I am An Emotional Idiot

Last Day on Earth


Alice, my dear

Said the Jabberwocky

This is your last day on Earth…

Today!   I’m not ready!

I need to

Inspect the dandelion heads

Inhale a dozen maybe ten roses

Fall in love


I want to find a vase big enough

A hose long enough to

Water the moon

Grow a friend tree in Brooklyn

Push back the dark covers

of the past

Reach out to the happy branch

to break the fall

I want to converse with my peers

I want to be passionate


and never shy

I want to find a cure for disease and insanity

because we all need

to survive our inhumanity      here      on Earth.


So, no I’m not going…..


I could check it out and come back

because I have a list, you see,

there are Birthdays and weddings

and Easter is coming

I got to be here for that

I mean even Jesus came back for that, right?


And I have this run in my sweater

that I’ve been meaning to fix

only I don’t have the right color thread

so I’ve got to see if I can find it

at the Dollar Store even though Spring is coming and I won’t need that sweater till next winter but I want to be ready

this weather here is crazy and besides

they don’t have Dollar Store’s where we’re going, do they?

So no I can’t go….not now

certainly not today

okay? Not that I’m asking, mind you

Are there any clubs where we’re going?

I’m a joiner, so if there isn’t anyone else going

I’ll have to take a rain check

I guess I could start my own club

But no…too much to do right here

So thanks but I’ll stay

So BYE, see you around

Maybe not.



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