Things Lost in the Fire



I am Alice, the medium

I seek the way


I bow before you

I am not the enemy

I know once you play with nature

there’s no going back


She had confronted the jabberwocky

He was a witness to the substitute

these people clearly had a problem.


So here comes goodbye, she cried.

the gravel road beckoned

don’t let the door hit you—wipe the mirror clear

the Prince replied

I need to see past the rain

I’ll fill you in later

not anything we need to discuss at length

She leaned closer

put her face inside the reflecting pool

it swirled

as Katya M. Cartouche, April’s Fool

danced alone in the moonlight

to Alicia Keyes

to, It’s On Again

I am a lonely hero, crooned the Prince

get up my brother, she meowed

get down

with your bad self

and talk dirty to me

I don’t speak your language

he sighed

got lipstick stains

on my passport and no exit visa

What is this chemistry you speak of?


The mirror smoldered

as Alice fell through the looking-glass

tumbling down into the fiery maze

help, I don’t understand, she cried

lately I’ve been losing sleep

but I’m HAPPY

counting stars in this far country

but, there is evidence of genetic disorder here.


Let it Go Alice!

the mirror argued

Here I will stay

until you find your way back

let the storm rage on

take that money

watch it burn

everything that kills you

makes you feel alive

and besides

the heat never bothered you anyway.


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