Inspired by last night’s Donahue interview with Jennifer Clement author of, Prayers for the Stolen at Woodstock Writers Festival



in human cargo;

Girls, mostly.

Shuffling them

like a deck of cards

beauty queens

traded to the highest bidder

and then traded again.

Pirated cargo

sold, reshuffled

cut and re-cut

until cynical

and finally sent to jail

to be reformed.

All to keep

the monsters fed

voracious gluttons

who would eat their own mothers

for a filling of gold.


Where is Noah?


Beauty is lost

behind black and blue.

It forgets the green field

the smell of fresh dahlias

the taste of pomegranates

it decays when

sliced up and passed among those

whose foul hearts reek.


Where is Noah?

And how long

before the rains come



2 thoughts on “Trafficking

  1. Love the poem and would so love to have been there to listen to Jennifer Clement speak, I just finished reading her book and thought it was incredible. A great book and an amazing, inspiring woman.


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