Chicken Scratch— Creations

Chickens (Photo credit: Allie's.Dad)

Last night I dreamt

I was a dancer who sang

Madonna on steroids.

And I was magnificent

not merely okay

but outstanding.

I received cheers

and roses were strewn

at my feet

amid a standing ovation

while I blew kisses

and smiled waving at the throng

soaking up the adoration

like a sponge in the  Mojave desert.

And not only that

way in the back

of this huge venue

of epic proportions

there were chickens

standing on a bridge


and chucking


clichés, verses

and dull


into the muddy

river below

And there were three of them

Chickens that is

and each proceeded to make a wish

making a total of

three wishes.

The first chicken

went to the side of the bridge

looked skyward

and took a shiny object

and flung it

into the water

with her beak

and her wish was to

find a talented male comedian.

The second wish

made by a PHAT hen

with a sharp comb


to make them ALL

including the aforementioned



with washboard abs

long well-defined legs

and tight little buns

AND the last wish

made by a younger chick

new to the barnyard

a first cousin

related by blood to

the founding father and

previous owner

who had recently passed

due to a  flying chicken mishap

was to have this  humorous

stunning  masculine


stay youthful


and to never grow old.

And it was further consecrated

by an elder from

The Famous Chicken Ranch in Vegas

thereby sealing the deal.

So  they went home

and very soon thereafter

there stood before them

the studliest steeliest male

ever to strut through

the huge stately desert coop

they each called HOME

and he was infused

with a scent

that permeated the place

a scent that didn’t smell like farts

runny or deadly

a scent that lingered

like a slow and

rather dense

cloud of

carefully cultivated

medicinal satisfaction.

A cure

with benefits



now amazingly hungry


who shall invoke

their fifth amendment rights

and remain

in the back corner

and  masked whilst


and  inhaling

more than their fair share of Oreo’s.


they have never

EVER heard of a case

where ANYBODY ever

got loud, violent

or resorted to crime

due to this

non contagious sort of fantasizing.




and The LONE Sucker.


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