Do Chickens file Income Taxes?

Distribution of U.S. federal taxes for 2000 as...
Distribution of U.S. federal taxes for 2000 as a percentage of income among the family income quintiles. Source: Department of the Treasury, Office of Tax Analysis Working Paper #85, "U.S. Treasury Distributional Methodology" by Julie-Anne Cronin (September 1999)- also available here (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do Chickens  File Income Taxes?

Yes- but not every year
Why not every year?
It’s complicated.
What do you mean it’s complicated, these are chickens?
They live on chicken feed and they got no fingers to count on so it’s hard for them to figure out how many dependents they have, so every ten years or so the elders pool their money and hire a census taker
What happens then?
The census taker; a big rooster takes all the hot young chicks under his wing and they go to this ranch in Vegas where they teach them how to scratch off the numbers!

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