Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle

It floats up onto the shell beach

next to the pink flamingo.

The bird steps aside as I walk

towards it. The bottle is blue, smells of brine

and has a cork stuffed into the top

The glass is dull from salt and sun

the foamy froth of whales and shark

playing with their foreign object.

The constant deep has leaked in.

Black ink bleeds between the lines

row upon row

staining the curled parchment.

the hair on the back of my neck

raised and moist

as I find a flat rock to sit on

extract the note, decipher the smudges.

He has pledged to wait through oceans of time,

even as I voyage through this plague without him, 

anxious to preserve 

the color of former youth 

flatten despair, fashion hope.

And now on the moon and tides 

to return my response,

trust the wild sea conveys the wistful pearl.

Cornelia DeDona 11-29-20

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