She grazes her wing

on the powerline during takeoff 

releasing something numbered and bright.  

Her moment of joy heard above the cattails, 

over the wetlands  

landing like a lumbering jet on a small island 

to inspect for cuts, shake off her upset.

And she is striking.  

Her singular charm finer than 

the bevy of gray swans, 

trumpeting her “oh-OH” over the gamey cobs,

smaller orange beaked mutes who dare to

flip their wings 

at white pens like her. 

She’ll scan up and down the province, 

for days, for some trace 

following her cropland forage 

timely arrival back to the nest,

her partner still absent 

her trumpet song silent

the long winter upon them.

Trumpeter swans are incredibly loyal. Once on the endangered species list, they are now seen in various regions across North America, including Alberta, Canada and, Alaska.

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