Pandemic Life at Six Lakes

For the average senior

this involves but is not limited to:

Daily walks

Playing Golf at a safe distance, driving individual carts, and leaving the flagstick in the hole, thereby reducing the amount of mutual touching of the same metal object by the multitude.

Oh, did I mention wrestling baby alligators?

That last bit is a solo sport I have not yet participated in.

But give it time, I’ve only been here a few months.

This is such an active, friendly place. Humans and animals alike.

We humans still wave and say good morning from a distance. Have outdoor two-minute gabfests, limited to four or five. Always at a safe distance. And cocktails after Golf in the breezeway.

This morning I ran into Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit. They stopped for a quick portrait and then had to hop off, what with Easter and all. 

And Mr. and Mrs. Muscovy Duck

The Muscovy’s were taking a break from sitting on her eggs. She has four in a planter on Nicklaus Blvd. It’s quiet there now since the humans went back up north to roost.

I also ran into my personal favorite, which I think is a blue heron. The heron was in such a state this morning. He flipped me a wing. It seems he needs a break from photographers and reflections of all kinds. 

All of this takes up the first hour of my day.

Imagination, cleaning, and catching up with family, the rest.

And no, Mom and I haven’t hoarded any hand sanitizer

Coffee, yes, but that’s another story. 

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