Focusing In On The Pandemic

This retired senior captured a sunrise today
in natural light with a full-frame camera.
She is an iPhone witness to birds spreading their gorgeous broad wings, a rainbow in a fountain, and can attest to having spotted the Easter bunny.

She is among one of the multitudes
transmitting their art from remote locations across the vast wireless divide and
wondering which photographic filter to apply in a world frantically adapting to change. Observing through a long lens

her fellow humans scouring novel viruses from cracked fingers
Flushing the disease down the muddied drain
Of remembrance
In a dazed fright of black and white.
In search of the new normal
avoiding contact maintaining a six-foot distance then touching gloveless
the same credit scanner, dollar bills, can of beer.

As idiots spit into the lettuce, cough at clerks,
their vacant eyes amused, mocking the establishment.

The rest of us
scratching itchy eyes, ears, and noses

Reckoning our mutual frailty
how and when the end of this pandemic will come.

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