Blue Eyes

Tony had two ice-blue eyes and could talk her kitten right out of its bag. It was a gift.

Gina tried to focus, summoning up when they’d first met. He’d been licking himself clean, fresh from his latest conquest, in the apartment in the back of the store.  She was buying herself new leather boots. Soft cow leather that laced up the front zipped up the inside, and to her delight had two-inch heels.  Gina’s friend Sue had them, and she had to have them too. They’d made Sue look like a hot puss in her boots. Sue was taller and thinner, but Gina was determined. She pulled out the cash and placed it down on the counter, staring at the glass case filled with spoon rings, hash pipes, and rolling papers. Sue’s old man, Dirty J., was the owner of the shop. He rang her up and gave her back a nickel. He’d fingered her crisp cash separating the twenty’s from the ten depositing her first week’s salary quickly into the drawer. 

“Do you want me to put the boots in a box?”

“No, I will keep them on.”

“Okay, how about I put your shoes into the boot box?”


Tony was staring at her as Dirty J introduced them for the first time, trying to remember if he’d bedded her before. Nothing came to mind.  His ears were still moist from the bath.

Hey, pretty puss! Want to share a doobie?  My ride is out front; we could take a quick drive around the block.”

“No, thanks!”

He acted like he was starving for something.

“Are you sure? You don’t know what you’re missing.”

“Nope, thanks anyway.”

“Suit yourself. How about I show you a good time across the street at The Well, say Friday night?”

“How about you dry off and I’ll check my calendar.” 

Gina wasn’t hungry for anything Tony was selling.  It was tempting though since The Well was known for the best music jam in town, especially on a Friday night. 

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