Cats have nine lives. Everyone knows that. Katya was on her third. 

She closed her eyes and meditated on her present state of affairs. 

There must be an answer. She was a gypsy, a card sharp and a thief. The Prince was evil, deluded and had a back flip and an orange backcomb that defied gravity but she was confident that her present situation was temporary.  Katya knew where all the bodies were buried. Plus Katya had a time machine. There was something else, If only she could remember. Katya arched her back and yawned. It was a fact that she could sleep on a nail.  Ninety winks would help her solve the puzzle. She circled, pawing her bed pillow smoothing out the lumps and finally laid down. She was so sleepy.  

A dark cloud passed outside, she could see a super moon rising over a past life. Her first or was it her second flashed back bringing a flood of memory. 

He had called her Gina. Katya smiled. Gina was barely two in cat years but he had rescued her from the hippies and swept her off her feline paws.  

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