The noise came from the stables, it sounded like

a crack of thunder.

Katya looked out from the garret as a dark liquid


from beneath the door 

a river of it

His pet had been suffering for a long time. 

The Prince couldn’t leave him like that.  Besides the Veterinarian would’ve charged a fortune. 

That was her reality. Go back inside. Forget about it. 

Forget that he blamed her. Forget about the blood all over the walls.  Forget the gallons of Clorox that couldn’t wash away his sin.

Katya knew it was the beginning of the end after the Prince shot her beloved Zeus. He was clearly deranged. She couldn’t erase the horror from her mind. The bloody mess her life had become.

He had a kill list. And it was long.  She had a suspicion that her name was also on it.

After that they left for Barthelona.  

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