Photography Show

I am still recovering from thirty-seven years of mental abuse and physical violence from a narcissistic ex mainly by getting outside and being active. The land is healing me. Capturing photos is healing. It is a slow journey but a rewarding one. I am still recovering. The process of making pictures and capturing the experience at Mohonk and Minnewaska, cruising the mighty Hudson River and Scrambling through the Lemon Squeeze, Rock Rift, and Bonticue Crag has helped to rebuild my self-esteem and my faith. I am blessed to have family and friends who continue to support me through this tough journey.

National League Of American Pen Woman Author/Photographer and domestic violence survivor, Cornelia “Connie” DeDona debuts premiere Photography Show at Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum 94 Broadway Newburgh.

“Trekking, Cruising & Scrambling Towards Recovery” opens August 5th from 1:00-3:00 p.m. with music by Leo B.  Exhibiting through December 31, 2018.


Open to the Public

Trekking, Cruising & Scrambling Towards RecoveryTrekking... Reception Sunday August 5th***Music by Leo Berthiaume

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