An Excited Optimism

An Excited Optimism


The wild charge

of the broken


tries to haunt my certainty

threatens to trip up

my plans

for brighter days.


Days where

my only care

exists in a sub-realm

a realm that I pass over

on a hike through the Wasatch.


A hike I plan

on another day

a lighter day


of jagged edges.


My hope

fulfilled in the climb

where I plan to launch the hollow ism’s

that choral inside my mind and

transform the gray curves that

chase my steady decline into frail.


The present me,

tossing the

clobbered truth over the blade,

turning it into a compassionate hound,

her slow pull

transporting me over the summit

into sublime,

and striking,

which is quite distant,

from forgotten

and useless.







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