Sacrificing Virgins & Dirt Bunnies

Sacrificing Virgins & Dirt Bunnies

Katya’s log: Star Date WTF???
No catnaps while driving the time machine.

Being a ginger and a feminist
Katya aka
Mustang Sally idled
without shutting the time machine down.

The CAT-Corder reading
as if–put her in the Yucatan
right between
a bloody altar,
and judging from
the crowd,
about five hundred

Oh Maya GOD
she hissed
making threatening
But the natives
stayed back.

The Natives stayed Back!!!

HMM!! They think she is BAST, the CAT-god.

Better think fast.
BAST would have some competition
today. As a “guardian of the dead,” Katya
lacked that specific cat- je ne sais quoi.

But she’d better figure it out soon.

The Time Machine
had kicked up a cloud of dirt
and a few of the braver natives
slowly inched forward
heads bowed to get a better look at her.
Katya decided to bless
the sacrifice with the apropos dirt bunnies
besides they were handy
next time she’d bring the holy water.

This better work
she thought as she made
the appropriate hand gestures
and spread the bunnies
at the base of the alter adding
a hairball as a solemn token
of her acceptance.

Without giving any of them
a second glance
she purloined
some gold ingots
and got back into the Time Machine
pushed the stick forward
Back To The Future
and home, she wailed.

But wait…what was that


©Cornelia Connie DeDona 4-9-18

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