Fake News

spread far and wide throughout the kingdom.
The Prince did nothing to stop it.
He tweeted without care of consequence.

Since he was a world-renowned expert on just about everything
he called a formal gathering of newly appointed advisors and
made a  law saying that it was so.

No one dared to question him.

Katya complete with new tresses, nails, and a chic indestructible catsuit
was off on another trek in her time machine
gathering supplies for the coming
Yes, apocalypses. There would be many aftershocks.
And even the Clintons and the Soviets would be hard pressed to put out the ensuing firestorm.  China no longer cared.

The Accord would come much later, in the year 2029 to be exact.
Social media would become a gauche-past tense. No computers. No electricity.
No GMO’s, Back to nature, back to the caves in much of the upper regions.

There was even a brief resurgence of ancient raptors.

The Bald Wonder spread the real news far and wide
since he was the tried and tested news carrier.

But Katya had another eight lives to fix things.

She put the time machine into low and arched her back,
cracking it in time to her favorite song, “Mustang Sally.”

And the saga continued.


©Cornelia Connie DeDona 4-8-18

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