Up To Our Eyeballs

There are no easy answers, there’s only living through the questions.

~Elizabeth George


Up To Our Eyeballs

Invited to go participate

Crazy Hat Bingo

don’t be late.

An evening event circled in red

the privy’s plans

flooded the floor instead.

The throne had an awful tummy ache

it retched, it blew, it spewed,

and on my own

I soon found out

how little about plumbing

I knew.

The incontinent porcelain god

made a reeking wretched fuss

and for our captive bunch

it was up to our ankles

she gushed.

Up over the bowl

onto the floor

behind the molding creeping

stealth, not her forte, forward she rushed

then on into the kitchen leaking.

No hats today

No games to play

A hero I needed to find

clean away the gray

my plans now undermined.

Today you are my slaves the belching crapper cried

today we’ll lionize, today we’ll glorify

how a niece and her aunt did rally

forge their new found tie.

To mop up and wring

bucket the sludge

that fucking god-awful slime.

I must admit to wade in shit

with a mop

was not refined.

A line we formed, a mini-brigade

my mom, my niece and I

the bucket passed

out the door around a daisy, we did spy.

The shit we spread

the wildflower fed

then built a garden shrine

for there are no easy answers

only characters flawed to find

and flowers need weeding

and a bit of feeding

with manure mixed in

over time.


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