Riding The Happiness Train

trainNortheast into Vermont

as memories of church and God

steam from my lips

pressed deeply into

your downy chest


from the weight of it all.


the gray-green world

as it explodes into autumn

leaving yesterday’s harsh reality

muffled for one more night.

One more night

of sweet sweat

shivering ecstasy

breathing free

bulleting on the train to tomorrow

while religion and its many masks

tries to conceal

our sameness

but it can’t hide behind

the drooping sunflowers


outside the window.

Or our pasts

as they dissipate

into distant



Damp hope

promises redemption

washes sins,

the constant

endless echo

of not good enough.


The train tracks

still rumbling beneath us

as  the train whistles into

vibrant yellow and orange

stopping for the Reds.

Waiting to be seen anew.

Waiting for gray

to turn back into blue.

Our eyes

greeting the sun

new lyrics composed

tears dried.

Two souls

delivered for inspection

each worshiping

a deity

they softly name




© Cornelia DeDona 9/7/16

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