Another Way Out



There is a way out

but you are not even looking

even he despises you for it

can’t believe you are that stupid or lazy.


the door is unlocked.

Prove them wrong

Prove to yourself

that you are not that beaten

or that occupied.


The fields are green

ripe with golden fruit

Clean your eyeglasses

and look

Remember the full moon.

Prepare for winter’s fall,

But do go.


Find your passion.

Breathe the salty air, taste orange glee

Pick the pink wildflowers

Place them in your hair

and sway to the rhythm

of your purple heart.


Put down the crying towel

it is for another

It is  a temporary solace

a place to reflect

pool your options

finally, to turn away.


Open the door,

and find another room to dress

plant those flowers

bring your good cheer.


The other man upstairs

expects so much more

from you.


Do leave lollygag hill

and find your true self.

She waits

by the old cistern

filled with muddy water.

She knows your smell

and she still waits

and marvels at the time.




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