Double Standards

Double Standards


Anna Karenina

broke all the rules

and bought the farm.


If I were Leo Tolstoy

I would have killed off

the husband

Alexey Alexandrovitch

I would have

let her have her SERYOZHA

live happily ever after

with Vronsky

had more children

little prince and princesses

playing around the castle

playing dungeons and dragons

every so often letting the dragon win

singeing the tapestry

breaking down walls

and breaking with tradition.

What’s a Faberge’ egg or two

among royals

I would’ve let the girls sip the vodka

given them a silver knife

to peel the gold off the

good china

like proper aristocrats

I would have had them playing doctor

little dictator and czarina

getting dirty

planting potatoes

planting their pious seeds

on a Sunday

or whenever it suits them

not coming home for dinner

or the party

or the last dance

because proper ladies are boring

they keep their skirts down

and their religion high

poor Anna not even a stray look

could keep her away from him


what a love

what a price

when a Russian wood dildo and some Mishka Kosolapy

would suffice.


  •          Mishka Kosolapy–Chocolate candies with Nut praline filling with selected almonds between layers of wafers.



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