The Poet

The Poet


I like him because he is young




He reads


his poems to us as if

he were stroking his lover

massaging and

caressing us with his words.

His poems drawing us together

pulling us in

inspired by

a basic human need

in all of us

for home, approval



I hear

my neighbor’s labored breath

on my right

she is frail

and in need

of a good message right now

to ward off the dark



of a decaying body.


I wait

for him to say

that it is OK

that all that I endured

endure now, is worth it

the memory of a cancerous life

the chemo cure.


Poison chasing poison

through endless nights

listening to the drip.

The nights

behind and ahead

the cold winter nights

while I lie awake

counting stars.


We listen to the poet’s uneven cadence

and pull the blanket higher

up under our chins

wrapping ourselves

in his encouraging words.

She listens, turns to me and nods


while he

directs the dose

and quickens our pulse

with a drug, that heals.




Inspired by Richard Blanco, appointed by President Obama as the fifth inaugural poet of the United States. at a recent reading at SUNY Ulster.

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