The day I had you, lovely

The way I had you, lovely

Projectile vomiting, lovely

Colic, lovely


then you opened your eyes

and you crawled

and you rocked my world.

I used up rolls of film

to hold your smile.

I protected you from the monsters.

I held back oceans

so you could go out

into uncharted territory

to wet your toes

your thirst for adventure.

You were so sure that everything would be okay

telling me not to worry

AND HOW I worried

every time you ventured out

when you fell off your bike

scraped your knees

got that black eye

and when the school called, they worried too.

You grew up stubborn



knowing how to succeed.

We taught you well!

I will always love you

but the world beckons

chance, your constant companion, holds you in its trance.

Don’t use drugs

keep their cancer at bay

watch your words

your actions

be true to yourself

be kind

be patient

grow and learn

from the wise ones

listen to them, they hold the key and the rope.

The choice is yours.

You will always be at the center of my world

Nothing will change that fact.

I am waiting for you, to one day come home

for the lovely, lovable son we raised

the one that keeps slipping

into the crevice, caught between

paradise and the rock face

It is a vertical climb

stay focused

you are strong

and capable

and I believe in you.

I’m leaving the light on.

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