scrabble board game full 100 tile set
scrabble board game full 100 tile set (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


is a



getting this group of letters to pull their own weight

is a MAJOR death-defying trapeze act

Love is worth

about seven points in the Scrabble TENT

the V being the four point Ringmaster

so much rests on V

the heart, the head, the show basically.

Meanwhile the L and the E

don’t seem to do much at all.

Rebel L,

is always on his i-Phone,

cowlicks into space going to FEED the HUNGRY, invent PEACE, start his own show.

and lazy E  needs to build some muscle

but he’s got this stabbing pain in his midsection

probably something genetically modified that he ate.

Lady O is so full of herself she’s starting to lose her balance

atop the critical dancing showman V.

she thinks ice-cream holds the key to the universe

the deal breaker is none of the others will tell her

she is ballooning and I don’t mean like a flower.

Yes LOVE the thing we all crave

it’s that warm fuzzy feeling, the afterglow,

the sun shining on your face, the flutter in your heart

it sends the same strong message, in all dialects and languages

Sometimes if you don’t feed it—IT BITES you in the ASS.

Large, extra-large, and ginormous asses

that will sit next to you on the plane

and hide the armrests under a massive layer of LOVE

can I get that with PIZZA and a diet coke?

The weekend has arrived and how!
The weekend has arrived and how! (Photo credit: rosemilkinabottle)

Don’t you LOVE, LOVE?

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