My Son the Addict–He’s NO Quitter!

This is a suggested title for my next book. Is it funny–NO, it is real!

Yesterday I had to publicly unfriend my son on FaceBook.

I also had to block him.

He is 34 yrs old.

His last girlfriend financed a trip to Arizona

so he could get cleaned up,

he stayed there for two days

and is now in New York with his sister,

who I’m sure thinks she can help him too.

He is using them.

They are enablers.

My book Letters to a Prisoner by Connie D.

addresses some of the feelings a parent experiences.

It shows the insipid nature of an enabler.

The addict has us jumping through hoops for them.

If you want your life to become a circus act,

keep helping them.

Letters… is not a cure-all but it may bring you back to a sanity. Required reading at Habilitat-the place of change, a drug rehab in Kaneohe Hawaii where I lead a poetry group, “From Bad to Verse”.  I also enlist the aid of the Residents and we create themed Poetry Slams twice a year.

Our latest You tube video is: Chicken Scratch-Bridging the Gap A Poultry/Poetry Slam.…

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