Cheese-less Situations

Cheese-less Situations

Cubes of Swiss cheese
Cubes of Swiss cheese (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

could be construed

as set, fixed, rigid.

Cheese being the change

you wish to see in your life, job, relationships

but don’t

because you

won’t do anything different

YOU refuse to change

hence you are now CHEESELESS

and if you don’t do anything about it

you will surely DIE

So really when I talk about cheese I’m talking about change

or the lack thereof


Now you take some Swiss and some Gouda

and you hold them accountable

then you are really seeing

what I mean

because an American slice

would be nice on your hamburger

but if it’s moldy

and there’s not even

any shredded mozzarella for nachos

then what’s

a mouse to do

but to get up

put his sneakers on

and find NEW CHEESE.

And that requires

foresight and attention to detail

because a blind mouse

wandering around in the dark

is fair game

for the



the dog

who absolutely LOVES CHEESE

and who will perform

any trick THEY want to get it

THEY of course, being those that also want YOUR cheese.

So the moral of this cheesy story



is to KNOW YOUR CHEESE, intimately

Be READY TO MOVE with your cheese


so you don’t die prematurely

due to  a cheese-less situation

I repeat

Never EVER take your CHEESE for granted

Don’t feel that you are entitled to always have CHEESE

Check with an expert about the state of your cheese

If you do all this

then you will

be able to move to a newer

more modern cheese station

So, keep those sneakers tied

around your neck

the cheese

will run out


You need

to keep

watching the cheese.

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