Chicken Scratch / Pidgin Bridge

Do chickens fly?

Brah—you need come in out da sun—of course chickens fly- but only on short trips.

dat’s how dey get into da trees at night fo roost. 

I neva even tink of dat 

I thot dey get one ladder

How you tink dey move dat ladder—wen no more hands?

GOD moves it

Brah- Wat you tink GOD got nothing else for do?

Nah GOD is all-knowing – he everywhere at same time, do everting , dats  cos he’s GOD

plus how you tink we learn fo fly? 

Da kine Wright brothers was watching da kine fowls, playing chicken

wen dat one, Orville

say to his braddah—see dose chickens ova der

have da secret

dey jus need one more ting.

Wat’s dat?

One factory- fo refine and process dis chicken shit.

What did the fighting chicken say to the cute hen?

Will you be my ring girl?

Chicken Scratch / Pidgin Bridge

Why did the blonde chicken cross the bridge?

She was hunting for worms, brah

But there are no more worms under that bridge

No matter-she do wat she tink da rooster sez

Are you telling me that she will do whatever the rooster tells her?

Nah—she one tita, she do wat she like—besides dat one, no more da kine pidgin.

SO how do you teach a blonde chicken pidgin?

Easy BRAHHawaiian Pidgin 101 across da bridge past dose worms on da left.


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