Someone I Once Knew

Someone I once knew

had designer dresses
the latest fishnet stockings
got her first training bra
long before she needed one
went out with the captain of the football team
married him became a loving wife
had two kids
one boy
one girl
the boy married his high school sweetheart
the girl went to college
is earning a degree in fine arts.
Mom passed away recently from
bone cancer
she was with her
when she passed.
She believes in GOD
because HE has been so good to her
given her everything
taken away nothing

She lives in my dream world.
in a castle in Spain
her husband
is a Prince
she is his Queen
their children
want for nothing
she lost her slipper
one night
when everyone was vacationing
in the south of France.

She should have stayed home
but instead she

played hide and seek
with a young baron from the
northern region
he tricked her into giving him the combination
to her heart
Now–she has a secret
and time is running out.
She has to think quick
should she change the locks to the castle
or buy a remote island in the South Pacific
to retreat to, when things get sticky
to hide from the paparazzi
who have nothing better to do than report
the latest royal scandal to the highest
paying tabloids and cheers to the lucky
guy or gal because there will be a raise in it for you
if that story comes with a close-up
And don’t forget to get her good side?

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