Speech Recognition…

Speech Recognition on Windows 7 – Zen in its infancy

Start Listening
I’m making a list and checking it twice
going to find out who’s naughty and nice
and going to the mall to check off some names
find a new store, pick up a few games.

My week planned out and I start a new list– DELETE
start a new list
start a new (say Enter to skip to the next line)
let’s start a new
heads up
heads down
the monkey has a new tail
watch your ass
he has no class
the bass is so crass
dumbness don’t pass –is supposed to read Dumb Ass– STOP LISTENING!@#$

Start Listening

Speech recognition is great if you
don’t want to type
but you must speak slowly
and clearly into the microphone
or the computer won’t understand what you were saying
i.e. boom shaka laka laka, boom shaka laka laka
types out as
bloom shotgun locked the lock up and shout, a lot,
which is not the same at all
but interesting
if you are trying
to come up with a new poem
and your ink-spiration has run dry
at the well of platitudes
and the icy spring water you gulp has just
turned into a multitude of rainbow trout shouting your name.


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