requires critical thinking,
math and science. We are the sum of our parts,
the hybrids of our anatomy, habits, and environment.
Our reality is the byproduct.
Seeing does not believe.
Hearing is based upon perspective.
Later you will have to regurgitate
the details in blinding color
relevant to current generational standards.
Rules are constantly realigned.
Improvise experiment and stay focused.
Pardon me, but in what dimension do you exist?
What is your purpose?
Does your kind require validation to behave within certain boundaries?
The power of physical attraction is appealing
but it conceals the core of your worthiness.
Dust off the shavings of your white vibrational alignment.
Color your hula hoop red, swivel your sensual self closer.
Keep your priorities straight and for god sakes
pull up your pants, your crack isn’t vogue.
Intention is only a small fraction of accreditation.
You will need to suck it up, fashion a six-pack ab mentality
and tuck in that attitude
behold even now as it drools upon the curb.

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