Facebook Mania

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Write  a poem using the following words: flood – crying – lost – hope – fun – laughter – rough. Words may be used in different formats (for example: cry, crying, cried

A downward spiral

has sucked my brain

into an alarming flood

of multitudinous meanderings.

Exotic monikers

light up my screen

new and old

parading requests

to come and have fun

let’s play games

text and extol

fanciful tales of joy

and woe. You are among friends.

A veritable montage of

learning follows

from a newborn’s first  hopeful cry, to

old best friends who have died too young

and others that married the football captain

the proctologist, and the now homeless

comedian as he muses on future

High School reunions.

Idle laughter distilled while



the thick confluence

of a rough relational glue

sold for a click

amid lost days


dodging real

hopelessly caught up

in playing


**Disclaimer—not me, just a poem.

2 thoughts on “Facebook Mania

  1. Hi Connie,

    Can I leave you my try with your words,


    Forgive me Father for I have sinned.
    I spoke with the power of Angels,
    so quiet, a whisper in the ear
    of everyone in the crowd.
    They flowed to my words, honest, subtle,
    a fill of needs, biblical floods – the works.
    I cried, wailed truths, wielded it
    as a weapon until they were lost
    in the wilderness, wanting the hope
    they thought only I could give them.
    I had my fun with them,
    they did not hear my laughter
    as I walked alone in the desert.
    I was not rough with them,
    as you were in the beginning,
    so why Father?
    Why have you forsaken me?


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