Something Fishy At Deep Lagoon

The rain had a steady beat.

When the waiter informed them 

Better pay up now

Before the lights go out.

My right eyebrow arched, as I returned from the powder room,

And heard the update. This was news, 

A predictable power outage.

What else?

All things being equal,

Today belied any evidence of this being,

Paradise or the sunshine state.

Power was desirable and necessary.

They didn’t dare let the fish fume over it.

Or the patrons.

However, this announcement dangled,

Like an ominous sign, like

Alice considering which pill to swallow. 

Then the clouds parted, and the rains stopped.

Was it a miracle or a twist of fate? 

This pardon from doom and gloom.

Or was it the outstanding wine pour inside.

C. S. De Dona 4-13-23

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