Living with Alzheimer’s

Dad had a nickname for Mom, he called her Agent 99 which he used quite often. ( Agent 99 to his 86–From the Get Smart spy spoof series) . It still makes us all smile to think of it. I used the goldfish as a metaphor for this disease because they also have short memories.

Dave returned every other week

To Dad’s forgetful disdain

And Dad complained,  

Who is that

What does he want

I don’t want anyone here.

I can do that.

Tell him to leave.

Tell him to go.

I’ll do it tomorrow.

Mom’s response

always the same

That’s Dave; he’s here to cut the grass.

Right on schedule,

Like Dad’s reply

I don’t want anyone here.

I can do that.

Tell him to leave, 

Tell him to go,

 I’ll do it tomorrow.

Mom’s cue to fly out the door

As if on a mission.

Satisfied, he’d been heard

Dad waved her out.

Dave quickly finished and left.

When Mom returned to the chateau

Dad remarked good work, 99.

Mom blinked; thank you in Morse code.

She excelled at most things, while saving the world.

C. S. De Dona 08-12-22

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