When Tommy Snatched the Rose out of Rosendale

At summer’s end in 1974, her flower was still

Budding. Uncle Willy

Clad in a black top hat, cape, and pin-striped jeans

Dealt equal parts of his unique charm and stiff drinks at The Well

Everything about this town spelled

Fun. Drink up while listening to the rock tunes of

Great bands floating 

High above the railroad trestle, urging boys like Rider to walk across on a dare.

In this iconic cement town, Tommy collected

Junk for coins with shopkeeper Dirty John who

Knew everyone. John and Sue had room for Tommy and his motorcycle. And Tommy soon

Left his 

Mark on them by

Never taking no for an answer. His words 


Pretty girls like Connie

Qualifying himself as her one and only. Tommy stamped her the

Rose in Rosendale, then

Snatched her away.

Tommy, the elder

Understood the need for gloves but misjudged his 

Vane nurture. Trying to

Wield his sharp tongue and



Zealous pink into her nature. 

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