To The Psychologist Who Pins Tails on Unsuspecting Patients While Blindfolded

I muse on the rush 

of hope, pain, and possibility. And to sum it up in five words seems

mind-numbingly sparse. But that is the nature of this task.

So, I slide my perspective carefully up for your review.

Brain imaging can save lives. Seeing matters.

 You can rehab your brain.

That’s twelve words and three sentences. Sorry to be so longwinded.

Call me divergent. I like to use tools.

I like balance in my brain. 

 Besides, a mere phrase would not suffice or

elicit the right melody. Hallmark cards evoked strong memories. Before, my hopes were dashed by skilled care. And replaced by an eternal 

doubt that lay at length on your soft couch. 

Still, here we are. Digging up the past, specifically

a dead mother to rebirth a worthier son. 

Throwing innovation into the dark. Blindfolded and groping for answers in a vain hope of healing decades of disappointment and emotional blackmail while pinning the tail on the donkey. 

Making asses of us all. 

And let’s face it. My friend is weird. On his planet, stuffed fur buddies shine their lights and roar in disbelief as graveyard ghosts walk through walls, hover over his bed, and stare down at him with black eyes. Yet, he is confident they are friendly. 

And I am tasked with five measly adjectives to describe my friend’s comedic timing and wit. Unravel the farce of current events and the sixty-seven years of PFOS contamination in the water supply.

Physically, nothing can finish him off. Not even lightning. 

What does his body remember? Looking at a brain can solve the mystery of how hopelessness manifests. On the outside, he is a paradox, brilliant and humble

though not angry, never angry. 

Please take good care of my friend. 

 C. S. De Dona 7-12-22

For more info on SPECT imaging:

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