A crack of thunder erupted from the detached three-car garage. 

Gina looked out from a distance as a dark red liquid


from beneath the third bay, 

a river of it

Her Great Dane was 11. He suffered from hot spots on his right front and left rear paws. 

Although they could afford to board their pet, Anthony had standards that didn’t allow for wastefulness. Besides, the Veterinarian would’ve charged a fortune, and he had to teach her yet another lesson. He’d forgotten long ago what he’d ever seen in her. Clearly, she was thicker than thick. 

Meanwhile, the deed needed to be done. 

Anthony’s brother, Sal, had tried but was unable to convince him. Afterward, Sal looked back towards the house, saw Gina, and waved her back inside.

That was her reality. Go back inside. Act as if she hadn’t heard the gunshot or seen the dark river from a distance. 

Forget that he blamed her. Forget about the blood all on the floor and the walls. Forget about the gallons of clorox that couldn’t wash it all away. Forget that he would be in there for hours scrubbing away the evidence, just to prove a point. To rub it in how selfish and spoiled she was. He would show her, and this was only the beginning. 

Gina knew it was over after Anthony shot her beloved Zeus. He was clearly deranged. She couldn’t erase the horror from her mind. The bloody mess her life had become.

He’d bragged to her once that he had a kill list. And it was long. Gina had a suspicion that her name was also on it. 

Soon after, the pair left for Barcelona.  

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