A Reckoning

Snatched from the mouth of hell

I plunged straight into the void.

And promptly got hung up.

There was no choice of a return to the former life

no Hawaiian do-over.

The hounds had caught my scent.

And yet, I didn’t care. 

I sensed that I’d lost more than my youth. 

Wavering in plain sight

Surrounded by the caves in the cement town that I couldn’t wait to leave.

Swinging above the rubble

of my ravaged life

which once had a purpose

Because even in hatred

There was a gnawing motivation.

And then there was nothing but empty air.

No bluster

No whine

Nothing but time to process the anger, 

Make amends. 

Think– now what.

Because my fury cut deep

And the victims lay bleeding across the periphery.

Although mortally wounded 

I sensed my awakening 

would eventually catch me up. 

And unlike a phoenix rising from the ashes

I was not the mother of dragons

I would not reclaim my throne

Or inherit a new one.

Nay, not even for a German princess like me.

Somehow, I knew that jumping from the mountain was the only way to survive.

And now, it is finally time

to untangle the parachute from the tree branches,

stake my claim on the peninsula north of the everglades.

Share my truth and cast out the doubt devils that have plagued me throughout my ordeal.

I have been silent long enough. 

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