Fire god

You were my drug,
the flame that licked my thighs
and burned me at your whim.
Your probing orange tongue
delivered pain and pleasure.

Fixated by your brilliance
I could not see anything but you.

Desperate for excitement,
a getaway
I was a puppy with a big stick
You enticed me
with your dual nature.
I wanted to be your friend, fixer, lover
but you, fire god, could not love anyone but yourself.

The dry branch I fetched to feed your flame
was soon ravaged
Replaced with another exotic wood.

It was a sin how
your accelerant consumed us both.

You, the fire starter me the supplier of the kindling.
Trapped inside the drama of us.

Your burn fed my hunger,
What I thought was love
You kept feeding the flame
Day by day
Until there was nothing left.

Frantic oxygen eater
That last leap was a base jump
It still haunts me
The innocent.

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