Pigeon Baby

“Can you say consummated, Tiki?

Yes, Gina is having a baby. Fast, I’d say it was right on time.”

Katya and Tiki had been looking in from time to time on Gina. It was Katya’s turn at the periscope. It’s been what, almost a year?

“The part that mystifies me, is how can two cats have a pigeon for a BABY?”

Tiki gave Katya a long look, until Katya swiped him with her paw.

“Tiki, pay attention to the WORDS that are coming out of my mouth.”

Tiki chuckled as best he could in his frozen state. 

“Katya, did I ever tell you about the time the builders made me, about why I look like this?”

“Yes, it’s because you are the Fishing Master. Seriously, it’s to scare the fish right into your net, right? Or, something like that.”  

“The reason I look like this Katya is because my wood is seasoned. It has endured and stood the test of time. I have seen many things Katya, things that would cut your whiskers and yet I say little. Do you know why?”

“I have a feeling you are going to tell me, Tiki. Hopefully in this lifetime.”

“Life is a strange and wondrous place. As you travel more through time, you will see that some things are meant to be. There is no changing them. It is destiny. It is the turning of the tide. It is the hooked fish yanking the line. It is the super moon. It is…”

“Okay, I got it.  So what you’re saying is that I should let Tony and Gina live together, because this lifetime is about their journey. And if they want to have a pigeon for a baby and live unhappily ever after, that is their business. Is that what you’re saying, Tiki?”

“I think you know, Katya.  If Tony is anything, he is a good provider. He got that job working for Victor and Phil in a heartbeat.  In a few years Phil will retire and Victor will make Tony his new partner. Gina only had to work nine months at Star Market. She even trained the other cashiers on the new machines right after they hired her, before she became hapai. They have the energy of a speeding freight train. The two of them together are unstoppable.” 

“Tiki, you and I both know that Tony is troubled.  Gina ignored the signs in the beginning. She is not going to be able to control him much longer. The pot is going to boil over and everyone within a mile is going to burn including their pigeon baby.”

“Walk away, Katya, before they pull you in.”

“It’s too late Tiki. Here, put on your ski mask.”

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