Tiki, get the time machine we need to go back to Remembrance.

Katya had let her hair grow out. It now brushed the back of her cat knees. Like it did when she was Gina. A little make-up and the transformation was cat- fabulous.  Tiki smiled; which was hard for him frozen, as he was, one part of him in the present the other locked away in the past. He had once been a Fishing Master in Indonesia. Now Tiki drove the Time Machine. 

The fresh blanket of snow made the sleepy village of Remembrance appear quaint and pristine like in her dream. Gina knew better. There was so much history here.  She was itching to escape Remembrance back then as now. Everywhere you looked there were ruins of what had once been a thriving cement town.  The hippies had been her friends. Up until when Tony rode in on his chopper.  His motorcycle was a 1970 Honda with an extended front end. Clean as a whistle. Tony better known as Anthony “the nose” DiNapoli smelled like a fresh filet of salmon and Gina fell for him. Not at first, though.  Gina didn’t even know him when he’d first rolled into town. By the time Gina met Anthony he was driving a pussywagon and had bedded every badass kitty in town. 

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