Magic Carpet Ride

Katya was inconsolable. She clawed the air, hissed and wailed and wailed until Tiki couldn’t take it anymore.

“Katya, please, stop, I can’t bear it. We will find a way to save Gina, I promise.” 

“Oh, Tiki, don’t you see, Gina doesn’t want to be saved, she loves him. And he will make her sad and so alone. I don’t want to leave her.”

“We will be there for her, Katya. We will be there, when she needs us. We will keep her safe, be her cat angels. Gina will survive.”

The Time Machine needs a new retro jet transducer. I will have to fashion it. I can find some old parts at Clarence’s junkyard. After that we will need to return to our time, refuel and figure out a new plan.

Everyone called him Anthony. But to Gina he was and would always be Tony.

Anthony’s mother May bought Anthony’s pussywagon, a ’74 Chevy Blazer the next day, complete with two red beanbags, white shag rug and the three beige blackout curtains sensibly hung on the back and side windows. She regretted not being able to attend the reception but since Anthony’s father had attended, there was no way she would’ve gone. 

Anthony and Gina understood and thanked her. A fresh blanket of snow covered the northeast and she’d offered to take them to the airport.

“Careful Mom, the roads are slick.” Anthony warned.

“I know Anthony, careful how you speak to your motherrr. I still know how to drive.”

Gina sat quietly in the back seat. She watched as Tony’s mom skillfully navigated through the small town of East Hampton. This was the last time she would see those little shops for a while. Sure, they would visit. But that was years away.  She’d been so happy at the reception but then there had been the Nor’easter and now they were on their way to the airport, all within the space of two days. She knew her life with Tony would be an adventure. That was what she would hold on to during the tough times that lay ahead. Gina had no inkling, only that her new address would be five thousand miles away on an island chain in the Pacific, on an island called O’ahu.

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